The Canadian Society of Vascular Nursing (CSVN), includes all provinces in Canada, and has Chapters in London, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary & Edmonton.

Membership Benefits

  • Annual awards
  • Discounted conference fee
  • Be informed of vascular meetings
  • Receive current vascular nursing news via social media
  • Network with other vascular nurses
  • Committee membership or executive positions
  • Access to online conference presentations
  • Career and scholarship development (committee work and presentations)

Types of CSVN Membership

Full Member  $60.00 Free for a limited time!

Full members will include registered nurses. Full members are eligible for committee membership and executive positions.

Associate Member  $45.00  Free for a limited time!

Associate members will include allied health, industry and community partners. Associate members are not eligible for executive positions.

Graduate Nurse or Student  $30.00 Free for a limited time!

Membership is available to the Graduate nurse or full time student for a period of 1 year.

***tax on membership will be calculated according to the province you live in. *** Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds.

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