CSVN has four committees that, along with the executive, oversee the work and goals of the organization.

The four committees of the Canadian Society of Vascular Nursing are:

The scope of this committee is to ensure financial viability of the Society. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for securing funds for the society, overseeing financial management of the Society and making financial policy recommendations to the Executive and Board.

Terms of Reference: The goal is to identify industry sponsors by securing collaborative strategic partnerships that benefit CSVN financially.

The scope of this committee is to promote and support the work of the Society by communicating through the use of the Website, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Terms of Reference: Be responsible for current communication with CSVN members and general public via website, social media.

The scope of this committee is to recruit, retain and acknowledge a diverse membership.

Terms of reference: The goal is to recruit members to CSVN and recognize achievements in CSVN members as important supporters of our work.

The scope of this committee is to support members in scholarly activities and submission for: Web, social media or conference presentation, provide or refer to resources for vascular nursing content.

Terms of reference:  Provide input into annual conference planning, educational component of the website.